This is the NEW StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program

StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program
The StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program

How It Works:

When you purchase our StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program you get our latest SRX LT.15 gloves that are backed by our unique 100% lifetime replacement plan.

Any time they wear out you can return them for a replacement, no questions asked!

You simply send your old gloves in for replacement and get new ones in return, just cover the shipping.

Whenever we upgrade our gloves, you will get the latest edition of our award-winning gloves backed by the SRX FOREVER GLOVES program.

In fact, the NEW StrongerRx LT.15 is only available for the FOREVER GLOVES Program.

So never worry about your hands again because StrongerRX FOREVER GLOVES has you covered Forever!

The New StrongerRx LT.15’s are the Most Advanced Functional Fitness Gloves ever, preferred by performance athletes worldwide and now you can have them forever!*


  • Designed for ultra long-lasting grip and protection
  • Made with Perma-X lightweight material for long life
  • Flexible with great ventilation keeps you cool
  • Silicone non-slip grips on the palm helps to reduce slips & falls
  • Reduces hand fatigue – helps you stay longer & stronger
  • Prevents calluses from tearing & scarring
  • Saves your hands – prevents skin tears and abrasions
  • Touchscreen compatible for your portable devices
  • Superb Ergonomic design
  • Replacement Any Time

Don’t have your own StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES? Get them Right Now!

Already have your SRX FOREVER GLOVES and need a replacement? Be sure they are registered, and just pay the shipping before your return them.

How Does The StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program Work?

1. When you buy a pair of StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES you become automatically eligible for the FOREVER GLOVES Program allowing you to replace your gloves at any time for a new pair.

2. Simply register your FOREVER GLOVES on our registration page, and be sure to include your proof of purchase order or invoice number. We need that to confirm your purchase.

3. Whenever your gloves wear out simply pay the small shipping and handling, then we send you the return instructions. Just follow them to return your old gloves.

4. Once we get your old gloves we will send your replacement gloves right out.

** For Free?

Yes, you never pay for another StrongerRx Glove in the ForeverGloves Program

You just pay a small shipping and handling fee so that we can send you your new gloves.

How Do I Get A New Pair?

First pay the shipping and handling fee on

You will then receive the return instructions with your confirmation. Just follow them to send us your old gloves

We do this so that there is no mistake in size or color.

When we get them we send you your exact size and color out immediately – we know you need your gloves back fast! We typically get your replacement gloves out the same day.

When you receive your replacement SRX FOREVER GLOVES all you do is enjoy them.

What Is Covered?

The StrongerRx ForEver FOREVER GLOVES Program covers the replacement of your gloves under almost any imaginable circumstances.

It covers all normal and abnormal wear. It covers stains, tears, abrasions, friction burns, and so much more.

In short, if you can do it while they are on your hands it is pretty much covered.


The StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program has no cash value other than the original purchase price.

You may return your SRX FOREVER GLOVES for a refund the same as all StrongerRx products within the first 30 days after purchase. No refunds are allowed after any exchanges or replacements.

The StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES may only be replaced with the same color and size based on availability. If a color is not available for any reason you will be offered another color if available.

We reserve the right to discontinue a version of the SRX FOREVER GLOVES and replace it with another version at our sole discretion.

In the event that a size is not available, you will be contacted, and your replacement gloves will be back ordered if desired, and shipped as soon as available.

Shipping & Handling

A small shipping and handling fee applies for replacement of the StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES. Shipping and handling will be displayed here. You may optionally request enhanced shipping at additional cost.

Note: StrongerRx reserves the right to discontinue the FOREVER GLOVES program AT ANY TIME.

StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES Program Terms

The StrongerRX FOREVER GLOVES Program is about one thing! Keeping your hands protected forever!

When you buy an SRX FOREVER GLOVES you are getting the most technological advanced and highest rated workout gloves on the market. StrongerRx constantly researches the needs of fitness fanatics to design the most durable and longest life gloves available while providing the best protection.

The StrongerRx FOREVER GLOVES are the ultimate protection for your hands with increased functional endurance while withstanding continuous high friction movements.

But the best part is that you only have to buy your gloves once. If they wear or are damaged you get a new paid free**


Our SRX FOREVER GLOVES are designed with cutting-edge technology and the latest in style. They are made for all functional fitness movements while delivering extreme comfort.

Plus, the SRX FOREVER GLOVES Anti-Vibration Technology uses vibration damping polymers to vastly reduce muscle and hand fatigue, and they can even be used with most touch screen devices.

Of course, like all StrongerRx gloves these use our exclusive Abrasion Resistant Science to minimize palm callous development that helps prevent hand rips or other injuries.

Made with the StrongerRx Perma-X Fabric, these FOREVER GLOVES are amazingly lightweight while molding perfectly to your hand. All of which improves movement and aiding rapid cool down.

StrongerRx Are The Highest Rated Workout Gloves


Want To Know More?

Send us a text message at 305-791-4676 9am to 2pm (EST. USA) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

Our customer service representatives are available to help with any questions you have about our Exclusive StrongerRx Gloves For Life Program.